Our Staff

Roseville Contracts is an equal opportunities employer; we aim to ensure that our employees achieve their full potential and that all employment decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

We are committed to the CSCS card system. All site visiting operatives and staff carry valid CSCS cards; it is a condition of employment with us that non-carded new recruits are required to pass the industry standard CITB ‘touch screen’ test and be in the process of applying for a CSCS card relevant to their trade. Where there is a need, we have a policy of assisting personnel to attain NVQ certificates in their trade in order to gain the correct grade of CSCS card.

We acknowledge that skilled and well trained personnel are the lifeblood to any business; therefore it is our policy to provide training where a need is recognised and refresher / renewal training where required. We have an in-house training department including an internal NVQ Assessor.

Roseville Contracts Limited has made a commitment to an Apprenticeship Programme, set up to provide new starters in the industry with the best possible training and mentoring on their route to becoming the skilled tradespersons of the future.