Ceiling Systems

Roseville Contracts provides ceiling solutions for any purpose including Standard Boarding to Joists, MF (Metal Framing), Lay-in Grid and Sound Absorption with the options of insulation fitting or insulated plasterboards for increased sound or thermal performance.

MF Ceilings

MF or Metal Framed ceilings are a constructed galvanised steel structure, suspended from the existing ceiling or structure above and plasterboarded to fully conceal the grid; these ceilings are suitable for most dry lining applications.

MF ceilings can hide cables and service pipework, reduce high ceiling levels or conceal cracked and aging ceilings with a new and pristine plasterboard surface that’s ready for your lighting and design requirements.

Lay-in Grid Systems

Roseville Contracts can offer a range of modular Lay-in-grid suspended ceiling systems that can be aesthetically customised by utilising differing exposed grid and profile suspension options. Being of modular construction, they are suitable for incorporating lighting and ventilation systems and panels are readily removable for ease of maintenance of such units.

Sound Absorption Ceiling Solutions

Roseville Contracts can also install acoustic rated sound absorption ceilings. Such systems, whilst satisfying aesthetic requirements also need to fulfil stringent acoustic performance criteria to meet the demands of a wide range of acoustic environments.

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