Plastering & Dry Lining

Roseville Contracts offers both traditional wet plastering and dry lining solutions suitable for all new builds and refurbishments.

Wet Plastering

One of the oldest forms of handicraft employed in the building and construction industry it is still popular today. Wet plaster is favoured by many because it matches the look and feel of traditional materials, offers better sound­proofing and because it forms an integral part of the wall structure, items can be easily and securely fixed in place.

Wet plaster also gives a smooth, durable finish and is ideal for difficult areas like door and window reveals, whilst providing superior air tightness around openings.

Dry Lining

Dry lining systems provide a simple and effective alternative to traditional wet plaster. Here, plasterboards are either bonded directly to the wall or screw fixed to metal sections, wooden battens or framing mechanically fixed or bonded to the wall; sealant applied at all joints ensures air tightness and sound insulation, then a skim coat of plaster provides a smooth finish.

Dry linings are relatively lightweight and can improve the energy efficiency of a building by warming up quickly; whilst services can be installed with a minimum of chasing out.

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