Roseville Contracts can provide Structural Framing Steel for all external envelope applications and for internal partition walling for extra height and strength.

Benefits of Structural Framing Steel include:

  • It fixes to the primary frame or building structure
  • Provides secondary support for internal boarding, insulation and external wall finishes
  • Provides a weather resistant envelope early on in the build
  • Reduces the overall build programme, saving material weight, construction time and labour requirementsconstruction time and labour requirements
  • Cill, lintel and jamb configurations are available to ensure the most economical design

External wall infill forms a secondary, lightweight structure, fixed onto the primary super-structure. Typically positioned at the floor slab edge, our SFS provides support for internal plasterboarding, insulation and external finishes creating a weather resistant envelope at an early stage helping to reduce the overall build timeline.

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